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shelving professionnal seller , mass destocking , new equipment shelving and cantilever or fixed - mobiles.RACK INDUSTRY offers its services as well as wholesale , for best price.We sell that equipment guarantees and standards * européennes.
Les orders will be made ​​to order and available 20 to 25 days following commands ( depending on volume ) .RACK - INDUSTRY strives to consolidate multiple customers for the same delivery, which guarantees better unbeatable rates.


Our trucks can hold a maximum load of 80 scales with a length of 6 meters and 12,000 kg of strength accompanied by smooth 576 with a length of 2700 mm and 4000 kg resistance by smooth.

This lot includes 4 levels of laying 1200 mm + level ground or 15 pallets per bay and 8 aisles of 24.38 meters.

Storage rack, we specialize fixed shelving , mobile, cantilever and industrial equipment for companies or individuals. Our commitment is to offer high quality products at low cost with a personnalisé.Ces racks will serve steel with epoxy paint finish to protect them from bumps, scratches and solvants.La rigidity and stability your racks can be reinforced with braces, bars or spacers depending on the

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We produce shelving quote within 48 hours , please feel free to contact us with any inquiries complémentaire.Découvrez our range and asked for a light shelving quote , heavy shelving estimate, our experts are at your disposal .

Store your goods in height and safely , our company offers its services , and find a solution for all problems.
Discover solid palettese ranges available as standard for heavy loads and lengths of smooth importantes.Pour every need , we offer a tailored solution . RACK- INDUSTRIE is committed to finding you the best quality European standards and the best prices on the entire European market .


Platform, but also arranging entrepôt.Effectivement , if you want to completely reprocess your warehouse , know that RACK- INDUSTRY is solutions that bring to you . For high load pallets, safe, single-sided

Optimize and increase the area without permission, through our platforms and mezzanines.
One robust, highly modular and freestanding design, mezzanine platforms adapt to technical requirements and constraints. Platform, storage platform, mezzanine customized solutions adapted and customized to your premises. Can also be mounted on several levels safely and in compliance, they offer an increase in existing usable surfaces.
metal ladders are designed for larger premises without construction and are mounted in a few days without soldering. Fully assembled simply bolted, they are entirely flexible to evolve with your needs in large area. As with all our mezzanine platforms, sas, stairs and railings are perfectly suited to each configuration. Depending on the size of the space and the conditions of purchase , it is sometimes necessary to provide a storage place. Arrange your racks is increasing its resources, improve its Purchases , facilitate inventory.

Le rack lourd permet d'empiler des colis sur plusieurs niveaux. (Jusqu'à 4 tonnes de charge maxi par niveau). Découvrez aussi nos solutions personnalisées. De l'étude technique au montage de vos racks à palette, nous vous proposons une prestation globale , demandez-nous un devis gratuits sous 48 h

Ranger vos palettes, mi-lourd, mais aussi des textiles (saisonnier) ou des produits froids

Buy our guaranteed equipment 24 months. Features and benefits of dynamic type of pallet racks
- Reduced operating costs ( less travel , less lighting )
- Increased storage capacity (better business premises )
- High strength steel construction - elastic resistance
- Next Design standards
- Setting levels in 50 mm
- Very wide range of sizes and loads
- Manufacturing certified ISO 9001
- Accessories: protection, fall protection fence, signaling ...

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Do not hesitate to ask for a shelving quote and fast Characteristics Unique to support pallets on each level between the uprights by a cell load unit. The angle type profiles arranged in the depth direction replace the usual smooth, allowing additional space savings.
Type of Use unique systems especially suited for stokages sets with large quantities of the same item, and for heavy loads. The ease of access to the load offered by the unique pallet storage units is a very valuable asset, especially for the preparation of orders since it is possible to take items directly from the pallet or box pallet.
Our racks are ubiquitous in the trade as storage systems and storage. They are used both in the office as archives or in workshops and offices entrepôts.Les that bring order to the documents and records. For the workshop, against fixed preassembled wall rails for storage bins that find their ideal function, which can be made mobile with wheels and taken at any time to the place where it is needed

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quote free within 48 H.Compound columns arm and bracing. The vertical structure or column is formed by two C-profiles punched and welded together , the stability of these amounts is ensured by the bolted bases in lower part on either side of the upright .
Services throughout France . Braces being constituted by two horizontal links and of a spider providing longitudinal stability of the structure.

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These storages can complete a set of accessories (ties, decking, safety stops, amounts of protections, ...) allowing more regular handling and increased safety during implementation of those products can be equipped manipulations.Nos an exterior cover, single awning or roof to create dry aisles between ensembles.Les structures being proposed in hot-dip galvanized finish to ensure our facilities against corrosion for 10 years. Warehouse complexes with hollow tablets being supplemented by table-top are for better finishing or so to allow storage of small parts or unpainted galvanized conditionnées.tôle or so blue Isoflex (designed for fat products and wet).
We can offer accessories. Plastic feet or so of the decks, reinforcing braces, and listed funds and many other accessories
To bring order into your warehouse, consider opting for shelves in cupboards, fixed and mobile archiving. These will allow you to better classify objects and, in this sense, you will save much time.We offer several methods of storage, designed in different sizes and materials. We assure the robustness of articles.Ces supplies may have different uses: storage pallets, Fixed shelf , mobile shelving or industrial shelving
Discover our wide range of shelving metal Industrial, for reservations or workshops. Light shelving, tubular, versatile shelving or All shelves metal Industrial and French are resistant quality to store your goods securely. Store cartons, boxes, tires, hangers etc ... Optimize your industrial storage space, arrange corporate areas using partitions, ask for solutions to your storage types. For this RACK-INDUSTRY operates throughout Europe, providing customers real expertise in the storage and handling solutions.
For the development of business premises, Rack- INDUSTRY also offers modular partitions that adapt both to the industrial environment that tertiaire.Pour help you quickly validate the feasibility of your project and budget, we suggest you click on the information request button or information so we can assist you in developing your specifications and determine your needs and requirements relating to your future development.

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